For 8 years I have been working on my weight problem. I have worked hard to lose a lot of weight only to gain it back, lose, gain, maintain, lose, gain it ALL back and now losing again. I am determined to finish what I have started, so please join me on my journey of self discovery and PLEASE feel free to jump in and join me!

Starting today - I am beginning my journey anew!

Starting today - I am not going to let the failures of the past haunt me anymore!

Starting today - I am going to make my well-being a PRIORITY in my life!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

P90X - Day 32
March 21, 2012

     BACK & BICEPS… this one was a killer! SO much fun though! TONS of new moves, and TONS of curls!
     After having spent the last 36 hours almost, working on a baby quilt for a church activity, it was getting really late by the time the activity was over. I really did not want to do any workout let alone pump iron over my head and do pull-ups! I called my hubby and asked him if he was still wanting to go to the gym and he replied that he did not, I then promptly asked if he would come with me anyways and he says “I thought you didn’t want to go cause it’s so late” at which point I had an epiphany and I said “Honey, your right, I don’t want to go, but that is precisely why I need too. I don’t want to lose my initiative and I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO START THIS ALL OVER AGAIN! At this moment in time I am very proud of myself for powering through my sluggish desire!
     Earlier in the day I had popped in the workout DVD and had pre-viewed the new moves, so I took the record sheet that corresponds with the DVD with me to the gym and my hubby and I did the workout together. We only about did about 2/3rds of the moves but we put in a 45 minute circuit workout in the process, so I am pleased!

     After my stress filled 36 hours , we ended up renting a movie and having an impromptu “date night” just the hubby and I after the gym. Unfortunately I did not say no to every thing I should have, but my calorie count is fine.

1 ½ c honey nut crunch cereal
1 c milk
2 c water
Cheese stick
1 sm brownie
2 c water
½ oz almonds
½ protein bar
2c water
1 c Mexican cornbread casserole
1 tbsp. sour cream
1 tbsp green salsa
2 c water
1 serv. Reeses pieces
1 serv. Charelston chews mini’s
3 c popcorn
1735 cals


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