For 8 years I have been working on my weight problem. I have worked hard to lose a lot of weight only to gain it back, lose, gain, maintain, lose, gain it ALL back and now losing again. I am determined to finish what I have started, so please join me on my journey of self discovery and PLEASE feel free to jump in and join me!

Starting today - I am beginning my journey anew!

Starting today - I am not going to let the failures of the past haunt me anymore!

Starting today - I am going to make my well-being a PRIORITY in my life!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Before Pictures (Scary!)

Okay so here is more of me than anyone ever needed to see! I think it will be very important to have accountability when trying to loose weight, so I am letting you all see my before pictures. All I can say is, "Thank heavens," for a great push-up bra!