For 8 years I have been working on my weight problem. I have worked hard to lose a lot of weight only to gain it back, lose, gain, maintain, lose, gain it ALL back and now losing again. I am determined to finish what I have started, so please join me on my journey of self discovery and PLEASE feel free to jump in and join me!

Starting today - I am beginning my journey anew!

Starting today - I am not going to let the failures of the past haunt me anymore!

Starting today - I am going to make my well-being a PRIORITY in my life!

Monday, March 19, 2012

P90X - Day 29
March 18, 2012

     I AM SO EXCITED!  I put a lot of effort this week into making sure I drank LOTS of water and put extra energy into my workouts. I would say that this is working in my favor since at my weigh in today I weighed in at 222.0 lbs and have have lost ....4.0 lbs for this week! Today also marks 29 days on the P90X PROGRAM!!!!! Time for my check-in and measurements :-)

             DAY 1         DAY 29
Weight:  236.0           222.0 ..... -14.0 lbs

Waist:      46.5             41.0 ...... -5.5

Hips:        49.0             46.5 ...... -2.5

Bust:        46.5             45.5 ...... -1.25

Ribs:        40.0             39.25 ...... -.75

Rt Thigh:  29.5             28.25 ...... -1.25

Rt Bicep:  14.5              14.0 ...... -.50

 * I'm also down 1 pant size!!!

     I LOVE my "day of rest!" Just about the time Sunday arrives I am feeling every bit like I need a break from my workouts. It's nice to take a break and just enjoy my day. It also really helps me to get recharged for starting over again on Monday :-)
     This week coming up is a little different because my workout schedule is going to completley change. I will have all new DVD's to do and also I'm going to try and make room in my life for the "doubles" schedule, which includes workouts 2 times a day! It's seems like a lot, but I am determined to make as much progress as possible in my 90 days :-)

     Since today is my cheat day I enjoyed some candy while watching TV with my kids. I was good and stayed in my caloric goal range so I feel that it's not really "cheating" just a poor food choice.
     My plan this month is to stick to a stricter diet than I have been so far. I've been so focused on just staying in a lower caloric range and getting my workouts done that I have neglected to plan ahead better so that I can get the proper foods into me. So you should expect my food journals to look a bit different than they have so far and well see how my new eating plan treats me at the scale! :-)

1/2 oz Smoked almonds
2 c water
peanut butter & jelly sandwich
1 oz kettle chips
fat free tapioca pudding
2 c water
diet soda
5 gummy worms
4 starbursts
4 andies mints
1/6 of a large hershey's bar
2 c water
v8 juice
p90x recovery drink
2 c water
protein granola bar
2 c water
v8 juice
2 c water
1620 cals

~ Laura ~

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